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MNS Standard Withdrawable Switchgear Cubicle
MNS Standard Withdrawable Switchgear Cubicle
MNS low voltage switchgear is suitable for system with AC 50(60)Hz and rated working voltage up to 660V, and applicable for power generation, transmission, distribution, change-over and consumption equipment control. It conforms to relevant standards such as IEC60439-1.GB7251.1 and JB/T9661.
Main Characteristics
鈻?The frame is of combined structure with basic framework made up of assembled C-pro铿乴ed bars; Each cubicle is partitioned into horicontal busbar compartment, drawer compartment and cable compartment. Steel plates or flame-retardant
plastic function boards of high strength are added as partition between each compartment and metal plates with ventilation holes are added as partition between drawers as to prevent switching element from accidents caused by 铿俛shover due to fault or short-circuit of busbar with other circuits;
鈻燙ompact design enables to accommodate more function units within limited space
鈻燬tructure members have great versatility and flexible assembly. Taking E=25mm as module, the stucture and withdrawablke unit can have random combination as to satisfy the demand of system design;
鈻燭he busbar is protected by plastic function boards of high-strength 铿俛me-retardant and high insulation strength, which has performance against fault arc as to ensure safe and reliable running and maintenance;
鈻燤echanical interlock gear of drawers in different size conforms to stipulations laid by standards and has three obvious positions as making, testing and breaking, with safety and dependability;
鈻燤aterial optional with galvanized cold rolled steel, galvanized steel or Aluminum-zinc coated steel.

Drawer Types
Drawer types: taking E=25mm as module, divided into 铿乿e standard sizes as 8E/4, 8E/2, 8E, 16E and 24E. The rated current of unit loop is 400A or below. Among them, 8E/4 and 8E/2 modules are made of 铿乺e-retardant plastics and aluminum alloy pro铿乴es. 8E/4 module can withstand maximum current of 32A and 8E/2 of 63A. In one cabinet, we can choose the same type of module unit or four different types mounted together. The total height of function unit compartment is 72E(1800mm)
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