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GGD AC low voltage power distribution cabinet
GGD  AC low voltage power distribution cabinet
GGD AC low-voltage distribution cabinets are available for power plants, transformer substation, industrial and mining enterprises and other power users in a rated voltage 380V, AC 50Hz , Rated current 3150A of the distribution
system. GGD low pressure electricity cabinets are in accordance with international standards IEC439. 閵嗗ow-voltage switchgear and control equipment閵嗗獘nd  international standardIEC439.
Main Characteristics
Frame is spliced by 8MF cold forming sectional steel, its rigidity and carrying capacity meet the installation requirements of electrical components, and there are several mounting holes according to E=20mm and E=100mm are arranged on the frame. So it can improve the products' interoperability. The main generator is arranged on the top of the cabinet, and the ZMJ type bus bar clamp is in block composite structures molded by thermal injection with the PPO which is a high flame retardant material. The bus bar clamp is in a high degree of mechanical strength and insulation, can withstand the RMS 50KA, 105KA peak current, the thermal stability of impact allow long-term temperatures up to 120 degrees. Enclosure protection class IP3X.
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